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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Greg Wollen

Dr. Greg Wollen has been a licensed and Board Certified Chiropractor since  December of 2000.  With a Bachelors Degree from St. Bonaventure University and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Greg has been entrusted to take care of everyone from tiny babies to Ironman triathletes.  "After practicing in Lockport, I moved my practice inside my home here in Orchard Park.  After the birth of my son, I decided we needed some more space for the little one to run around in, so we moved the practice into the house next door."

Dr. Greg has been freeing people from pain and increasing the health and wellness of his patients since 2002 in his clinic in Orchard Park, NY.  "I have always done everything I can to promote the health and wellness of everyone in our community. My son and I live a wellness lifestyle every day and we do everything possible to help others live the highest quality of life possible."

Dr. Greg Wollen uses a "whole person approach" when taking care of his patients.  By combining the very best hands-on technique, state-of-the-art physiotherapy procedures, and proving the newest and best whole food, natural vitamins and mineral supplements on the market today, Dr. Greg Wollen is able to help you accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health. 

Why Dr. Greg Wollen became a Wellness-based Chiropractor:

Almost two years after graduating from St. Bonaventure, I began working in a small family-run company in Lancaster, NY.  During my first year there, I started getting headaches.  Over the next six months, these headaches went from bad to worse.  They became so intense that I needed to be at home by five o'clock, on a couch, in a dark room, with ice on my head, popping handfuls of painkillers.  I went for all the tests available.  Finally, I was told that I will just have to live with it!  I had no idea what to do or where to go, but I knew I was not going to "just live with it!"  My sister suggested I see a doctor of chiropractic.  "A chiropractor?" I said, "What do they know about headaches?"  She told me that she had been going to a chiropractor for a couple of years.  She was suffering from migraine headaches since her early teens.  For one week out of every month, she was in bed because she couldn't handle the pain.  Even the strongest migraine medicines on the market wouldn't touch the pain she was in.  A friend of hers suggested she try chiropractic, and even though she didn't believe in it, her life was being ruined... so she went.  Now she sees one regularly just to stay healthy.  I wasn't about to give up the things I loved, so I decided to give it a try (even though I was still a bit skeptical).  The doctor did an exam, took a couple of x-rays, and then showed me my problem.  I remember my first adjustment like it was yesterday.  I walked into the doctor office and said, "You had better fix me up fast, doc.  I can feel the throbbing start and it's impossible for me to drive with my headaches."  With a little smirk on his face (like he knew something that I didn't) he said he would do his best.  After my adjustment, I was driving home, taking my time, looking around, and then it hit me - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR MONTHS I DIDN'T HAVE A HEADACHE!  Now I knew what the smirk on the doctor's face was about.  Over time, my headaches didn't happen as often.  As a matter of fact, they disappeared altogether.  I was so excited that, (by now I'm sure you guessed it), I became a Doctor of chiropractic myself.

After learning more about the health benefits of combining Chiropractic, proper nutrition and taking the right supplements and vitamins for your body, I dove into learning all I could as to what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy (the right way!).  This began my career as a wellness-based doctor.

As a Chiropractor since 2000, Dr. Greg has worked hard to develop systems to help his patients attain their highest level of health possible.  Working with patients from newborns and up to the wise age of 95, has allowed Dr. Greg to refine what it takes to be truly healthy.  Dr. Greg Wollen has developed a distinctly different system to evaluate your health.  He combines blood work analysis (not using typical reference ranges, but using Optimal Values), a system survey that will analyze 8 different systems of your body as to overall function, and lastly a specific form of Nutritional testing to determine a patients individual nutritional needs.   Add to that the most extensive and complete consultation you will find.  All these evaluations combined give his patients a list of specific nutritional needs and the priority in which they need to be addressed.  This is said to be the most comprehensive nutritional evaluation available.

Dr. Greg has been invited to speak to numerous groups and organizations as well as regular appearances on WGRZ-TV's,  'The Healthy Zone.'  Dr. Greg has developed a specific lecture series titled "Dr. Greg's Empowerment Series" outlining the steps necessary to help you be the healthiest you can be. Future dates are posted to and 

Dr. Greg is a member of BCBS Insurance advisory board.  He is also very active in his son's life, being room parent in his son’s classroom,  helping out at a number of his school events including co-chair of the largest PTO fundraiser for the year, as well as coaching soccer for 3 years and coaching Freestyle skiing for over 20 years.  During Dr. Greg’s time as ski coach, he has had the privilege of coaching 6 athletes that went on to either the Canadian National Freestyle Team or the US Freestyle team, including two Olympians, one of whom is a Silver medalist.

Dr. Greg also spends much of his time educating the public through various venues on what it takes to be truly healthy.

You have a Choice, Choose Healthy.

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  • "My son was experiencing handwriting problems at school and the occupational therapist was not able to diagnose them. After his first adjustment, he woke the next morning much cheerier, telling me he slept "awesome." The school therapist called that afternoon to say there were no tremors in his handwriting that day. He looks forward to each appointment. Dr. Greg is fabulous!" (results after 1 adjustment)"
    Jennifer M.

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