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Food List

Everyone always asks, "Dr. Greg, What should I eat?  Can you just give me a list of what foods are good for me?" 

So, here it is.

Sweet and simple.

Pick two from the first column, one from the other two and you have a complete meal!

Complex Carbohydrates (40-50%)

Protein (20-25%)

Fats (25-30%)






Macadamia Nut Oil


Fish (line caught not farm raised)

Coconut Oil



Olive oil

Red, green, romaine lettuce


Ground flax seeds or flax seed oil


Nuts and nut butters

Peanut oil

Collard greens


Fish oil

Dandelion Greens

Lean red meat* (moderation)

Nuts and nut butters


Protein powder (check quality)

Grape seed oil



Natural Peanut Butter


Brown Rice and Beans

Fish oil supplement(quality source)


Yogurt (plain only)

Fish (Great Combo Protein & Oil)


Natural Peanut Butter



Nutritional Yeast


Red, yellow, green, orange peppers

Protein shake from natural source (hormone and antibiotic free)





Swiss chard



Red beets



Green beans



Brussels sprouts



Mustard greens






Spaghetti squash



Lentils, kidney, lima beans



Brown rice, Quinoa



Fruits*- Variety!!






Sweet and Regular Potatoes









Mixed Dark Greens




1.)    Protein serving is approximately the size of the palm of your hand.


2.)    Vegetables: Fruit should be 2:1.


       *Important to Remember, Fruit has sugar in it, if you are trying to lose weight, or need to lose weight, stay away from fruit completely!


3.)    Variety is key. The more variety, the more nutrients you get on a daily basis.


4.)    Make your own vinaigrette from olive oil and vinegar of your choice. Drizzle one TBSP of this over a salad made from at least five vegetables, topped with chicken breast.


5.)    Substitute vegetables for refined carbohydrates made from sugar and white flour.


6.)    Use garlic and different spices to create flavorful meals.


7.)    American breakfast food choices tend to be all carbohydrate-heavy.  Avoid Cereals.  Make sure you round out this meal!


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