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Keeping your New Years Resolution, continued:

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What happens when your blood sugar goes high?

The red blood cells take on sugar molecules. This is called GYLCATING. These cells STAY glycated until they are destroyed by the liver in about 90-120 days.

In the mean time, these glycated red blood cells run through your blood system like little buzz saws, cutting up everything in their path. Now, this isn't so serious in an artery, but when you get into CAPILLARIES -- which are only a tiny bit larger than the red blood cell -- the effect is DEVASTATING!

First off, these little cuts in the capillaries cause tiny "bleeds" and tiny clots to form. Often times you can see the results in the small blood vessels in your eyes. If not, they ARE there, in the back, on the retina, causing you to slowly go blind.

In the lungs, they interfere with the exchange of oxygen into the red blood cells. Your breathing becomes less efficient, and you tend to get "short of breath" quicker.

In the kidneys, the damges is HUGE -- and permanent. Your kidneys start a long decline towards failure and dialysis. And in most cases the kidney damage WON'T heal! Not only that, but the kidneys help control how much red blood you make. Most kindey patients are also VERY anemic -- tired, listless, and disinterested in life.

Kidney damage cause poisons called KETONES to build up in your system, and thus the rest of your internal organs get poisoned and start to fail.

Get those little bleeds and clots in your brain -- and you end up with "mini-strokes" -- you forget your wife's name, or your mother, or where you live, or how to say the word "pencil" -- you can SEE it but you can;t SAY it (aphasia).

And how about sex? Blood flow "down there" is important! so damage in "that area" leads to a severe lack of enjoyment in sex. If the blood sugar stays high enough, a man will often lose the ability to ejaculate, and a woman can't acheive an orgasm.

Again, these blood cells stay glycated for about 90 days. Imagine what is happening to your body if your blood sugar is that high EVERY DAY! No wonder diabetes is called a "Silent Killer"!

GET THOSE BLOOD SUGARS DOWN! The good news is that most of this damage will repair itslef IF you keep your blood sugars in the normal range (80-120).

If you are not already being seen by a doctor who has you on a proper, low to no sugar food plan, start NOW. If not, Call us, Make an appointment for an in office appointment or phone consult, and FOLLOW DOCTORS ORDERS. 716-662-7267.

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  • "My son was experiencing handwriting problems at school and the occupational therapist was not able to diagnose them. After his first adjustment, he woke the next morning much cheerier, telling me he slept "awesome." The school therapist called that afternoon to say there were no tremors in his handwriting that day. He looks forward to each appointment. Dr. Greg is fabulous!" (results after 1 adjustment)"
    Jennifer M.

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