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Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Wollen Wellness & Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Patient Testimonials...

 "Dr. Wollen has me back tap dancing again (77 years old)." -Norma L. (results after 6 months)

"I had sinus problems and general joint soreness.  I also recently learned that my cholesterol was very elevated.  I no longer suffer from sinus problems and I also have no body soreness.  I have changed my lifestyle (exercise more and eat differently) and I sleep much better.  My most recent cholesterol screening showed drops in all areas that were elevated and the numbers were exceptional!" -Linda C. (results after 36 months)

"I was helpless during the headache and migraine attacks.  In general I feel better, no on-going back pain, experiencing more energy, and most importantly to me, my headaches are a thing of my past!  Dr. Greg truly cares and listens to his patients in order to help each individual." -Myra W. (results after 12 months)

 "My son was experiencing handwriting problems at school and the occupational therapist was not able to diagnose them.  After his first adjustment, he woke the next morning much cheerier, telling me he slept "awesome."  The school therapist called that afternoon to say there were no tremors in his handwriting that day.  He looks forward to each appointment.  Dr. Greg is fabulous!" -Jennifer M. (results after 1 adjustment)

"I suffered with low back pain for a long time.  I attribute it to two small children and working in restaurants for almost 15 years.  Lifting my children was always difficult.  I love to hike and run and I wasn't able to go for long periods of time.  Getting out of bed in the morning was also very difficult.  I realized (very recently) that I have no lower back pain in the morning - I can just get up and go!  My running has improved - I can run for a long longer without any discomfort and my allergy to molds has disappeared!  I just feel much healthier!  It is wonderful to have nutrition guidance - I now can get my whole family more healthy." -Elizabeth C. (results after 9 months)

 "When I began I had no pressing health problems, although I've since learned to redefine "health."  I experienced the occasional stiffness, soreness, aches, pains, and numbness that society calls "normal."  My overall health has drastically improved since coming to your office.  You have raised my awareness of my posture, eating and sleeping habits, and my environment.  As my husband and I continue care in your office, we also learned how to improve our quality of life on our own by reading the books in your office, talking with you, and with each other about new ideas and practices.  I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others.  I never knew I was unhealthy until I started chiropractic care and realized just how good my back and body was capable of feeling." -Leila E. (results after 1 month)

"Specifically I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck; generally, I felt my overall health had diminished over the previous few months.  Although I began chiropractic care only 4 months ago, I have seen a definite improvement in many areas.  I no longer take Advil, as I haven't had headaches nor do I need sleep medication to get through the night.  I have recommended and will continue to encourage my family and friends to utilize the natural way to good health." -Cheryl K. (results after 4 months)

"I'm feeling more like my old "energetic" self, plus less prone to menstrual mood swings, colds, and illnesses.  I also benefited from natural support - standard process supplements." -Susan L. (results after 10 months)

"Sooo glad I decided to call and make the 1st appointment!  Headaches are 95% better - no more neck and shoulder pain.  Overall improvement because I'm not in constant pain anymore.  I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care to others!" -Diane J. (results after 1.5 months)

"My health problems were neck/back pain, headaches, and "turtle" profile - forward head carriage.  Headaches are gone and I no longer feel like a turtle when I stand up straight!  Definite improvement!  My whole body just seems to be working better." -Mary C. (results after 2 years)

"I have been going to a chiropractor for 10 years but Dr. Greg is gentler and better at addressing concerns.  I have good days and bad days, but now my good days far out-number the bad." -Michele B. (results after 11 months)

"I have much more flexibility in my back, neck, and legs.  I feel taller and I stand straighter.  I feel that I am performing better as a musician since treatment."  -John M. (results after 3 months)

"I had a slipped vertebrae and budging disks in my lower back, with neck pain and bad headaches.  I have definitely seen major improvement.  I hope that this keeps up and I am able to stay this good or even get better.  It's nice to finally not be in pain all the time.  Wollen Chiropractic is the first chiropractic office that has worked for me." Karrie Sue D. (results after 2 weeks)

"I have been a client of chiropractic at various times during my life.  I met Dr. Greg at the O.P. Community Marketplace in March 2005 and made an appointment immediately to have them help me.  My quality of life has been seriously changed for the better.  I am feeling great - lower back pain gone, feeling of overall wellness has continued.  One by-product is that my acid reflux is gone!  The reason I have continued my health regimen is because unlike any other chiropractor(s) I have been to, Dr. Greg takes the time with me on every visit to discuss any problems I have been experiencing.  In addition, they keep me updated of my progress with their scans after so many visits.  This is very motivating to me.  To be able to take an active part in my healing as well as working with individuals who sincerely care about my progress." -Marilyn N. (results after 3 months)

"Personally having experienced what good chiropractic care can do, I do not hesitate talking about my care to my friends and relatives.  Family and friends notice a positive change in me.  They have all been supportive which I think is very important for recovery.  Yes, I still experience some pain, but the degree of severity has dropped significantly in only 2 months of chiropractic care.  People no longer see the look of pain on my face or in my eyes any longer.  My chiropractic care will continue for me until I can say I am totally pain-free.  I know that day is fast-approaching thanks to Dr. Greg Wollen. Thank you!" -Ellen B. (results after 2 months)

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  • "My son was experiencing handwriting problems at school and the occupational therapist was not able to diagnose them. After his first adjustment, he woke the next morning much cheerier, telling me he slept "awesome." The school therapist called that afternoon to say there were no tremors in his handwriting that day. He looks forward to each appointment. Dr. Greg is fabulous!" (results after 1 adjustment)"
    Jennifer M.

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